Dear Members of the TSNY Community,

At TSNY, we are mindful that we serve a large cross-section of the community, including youth and visitors to the NYC area. Based on the latest CDC, NYS, and NYC updates and guidelines, all staff, students, and guests are required to follow the safety protocols listed below while attending sessions or visiting our space.  A complete list of our safety protocols is available here.

  • Wear a face covering (nose and mouth) at all times.  All staff, students, and guests are required to wear a face covering at all times when they are in the facility, unless taking a quick drink of water.

  • Must provide proof of vaccination to enter BOTH our indoor space in Brooklyn AND our outdoor space at Pier 40.  Proof of vaccination must be sent prior to arrival. (i) Negative antigen, PCR, and/or antibody COVID-19 test results will NOT be accepted in place of proof of vaccination status. (ii) Those who fail to provide proof of full vaccination or fail to bring valid photo ID for verification upon arrival will be asked to leave the premises immediately and WILL NOT receive a refund/reschedule. (iii) No exceptions.

  • No spectators allowed at our indoor location.  Participating minors are allowed one (1) spectator who must also provide proof of vaccination prior to arrival.

  • Use hand sanitizer often.  All students and staff are required to use available hand sanitizer or hand washing stations upon entering the rig.  Students and staff must sanitize after trips to the restroom, before and after adjusting their face covering, before and after touching any of our equipment, and any other time staff requests it.

  • Follow social distancing guidelines.  We will continue to space our equipment and activities at least the minimum distance required by CDC guidelines.

  • Stay home if you are sick.  Anyone who is experiencing COVID-like symptoms or has had known exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19 may not participate in a session, regardless of vaccination status.  We will offer a credit for anyone who needs to cancel a session due to positive test results, or COVID symptoms or exposure.  Please e-mail the office if you need to reschedule due to illness or exposure:  office@trapezeschool.com.

TSNY continues to closely monitor updates and follow the guidelines put in place by Federal, State, and City government and health departments.

We are committed to keeping TSNY a safe and healthy place for our flying family.  We recognize that exercise is an important part of staying healthy, both physically and mentally, during stressful times like these, and will continue to be there for our community.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.